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Join us for a semester of new discoveries in our classes.  These lessons are specifically catered to young ages with a focus on singing, dancing and acting.  Our teachers are excited to watch your child learn and grow! 

Classes Begin August 21st, 2023

Full Year Registration August 2023-May 2024

Registration Fee $40

Costume Rental Fee $65 (per show)

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West Bountiful Location

ballet/jazz 3-4yrs (WEDNESDAY 9:30-10:15AM)

ballet/jazz 3-4yrs (thursday 10:15-11:00am)

ballet/jazz 4-5yrs (WEDNESDAY 10:15-11:00am)


This introductory ballet class teaches young children the fundamental techniques of classical ballet, emphasizing grace, posture, and coordination while fostering their imagination and love for dance.  This dynamic and upbeat dance class introduces young children to the energetic and rhythmic movements of jazz, combining technique, musicality, and creative expression in a fun and age-appropriate environment.

Dress code for all classes is found below.  Students will get to participate in an end-of-semester recital.  Tickets will be sold for performances. 

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West Bountiful Location

3-5yrs (thursday 9:30-10:15AM)

"Stage Time!" is a musical theatre class for young performers. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of singing, musical theatre dance & creating characters on stage. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills in each of these areas, and learn how to combine them to create dynamic and engaging performances. The class will be taught by experienced instructors who will provide guidance and support to help students grow and improve. This class is the perfect way to develop your passion for musical theatre.

Dress code for all classes is found below.  Students will get to participate in an end-of-semester recital.  Tickets will be sold for performances.  

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Students are expected to wear dance clothes to movement classes and rehearsals. 

Girls should wear a leotard (black), black or grey shirt no logos, ballet skirt (black or pink) or dance shorts(black), or black leggings.

Boys should wear a black shirt and black shorts or pants.

Hair should be pulled back away from the face, no jewelry.


For students to experience their greatest potential in these classes,

proper shoes are essential they will need to bring:

Jazz Shoes (Tan or Black) 

Ballet Slippers


We love Backstage Performing Arts!! My 6 year old has taken dance there since she was 3. I love how they teach proper technique and take the time to make sure they do it right, even for the little ones. I highly recommend Backstage Performing Arts!!

-Aleesha M.

My daughter has loved the young musical theatre class. She is little and hasn't been in a dance class before, but the teachers were able to help keep both fun and structure in the class and I really appreciated that. When we went to the final recital, I was blown away.

-Rosalie L.

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