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Homeschool classes
August 2022-May 2023 

Join us upcoming school year for an experience of new discoveries in our homeschool classes. 

These lessons are specifically catered to student's ages with a focus on creativity, discovery & learning.  

Our teachers are excited to watch your child learn and grow! 

Classes Begin the last week in August

Full Year Registration August 2022 - May 2023

$40 Yearly Non-Refundable Registration Fee





$139/month + $40 Yearly Registration Fee

Ages: 6-12yrs

West Bountiful Location (724 W 500 S #900, West Bountiful, UT, 84087)

Homeschool arts classes are designed for the performer in your life, all classes have a creative interactive approach with lots of opportunity to explore and delve into Language Arts, History, Art and Performing! 


Students will be split by ages for all classes except "Productions"


Classes Include

Movement History & Tumbling

Storytelling & Music

Makerspace Art Technology


Students should bring a sack lunch to class

Broadway Review will have performances throughout the school year

Tickets will be sold for performances

For performances, students will need to provide specific underclothing

Please see our class dress code below that includes what to wear and shoes your student will need to bring to class

Kindergarten students must be 6 by December 2022

The registration fee is usually charged within 1 week of registering, fee is per student.

Backstage is eligible for Harmony Education Services 

If your student drops mid-year there is a $50 Drop Fee + That month's tuition cost, per student, by registering you agree to these terms.



Students are expected to wear dance clothes to all classes

Girls should wear a leotard(black or pink), ballet skirt (black or pink) or dance shorts(black), or black leggings.

Boys should wear a black shirt and black shorts.

Hair should be pulled back away from the face, no jewelry.

For students to experience their greatest potential in these classes,

proper shoes are required, they will need to bring:

Jazz Shoes (Tan preferred) 



It's time to study the history of movement and kinesiology! This class will focus on dance throughout history covering many different styles of dance around the world. Students will study the cultures in which each dance style derived. Students will also be introduced to creative movement through music exploration and learn how the human body moves through space and time. Beginning tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, round-offs, and backbends will be taught in this class. Students will work on assisted skills as well as independent skills. Performers participate through cardio and strengthening exercises, students will gain flexibility and coordination.   


Delve into Language Arts with us this school year.  Students will get to read, write and tell stories in an interactive approach.  Students will learn about theatre arts and gain confidence on stage through hands-on movement and exploration. Students will learn and apply foundations of acting and discuss elements of story composition; such as plot, character, and genre.  Students will get to compose their own stories through public speeches & poems with in-class performances.  This class will also delve into storytelling understanding themes & lessons told in stories.  Actors will get to act out stories in real life as well as write their own.  Students will learn the foundations of music literacy, ensemble singing and will explore different styles and genres of music. Students will be introduced to reading, spelling, and new vocabulary through the lyrics of songs.  Solos and group numbers will be included throughout the year, performers will get to participate in a recital for the parents.  



In this class, students can expect to learn about technology through interactive projects.  Students will get to work collaboratively to build, construct and create 2-D and 3-D projects.  It's time for kids to get their hands dirty in paint, slime, and other mediums. Individuals will use creative expression through technological crafts.  Students will be introduced to drawing, line, shape & form.  This class will cover art throughout history & the designers who changed art as we know it today.  Students will get to explore classic art forms as well as modern technological influenced art projects.  These little artists will get to push the boundaries of traditional art practices and explore their creativity.


Students will have two performance opportunities.  The first, they will perform in a live showcase at the end of the semester, where they will get to display and demonstrate the things they have been working on that semster. The 2nd, they will get to perform in an originally written show.  Each student will have a moment in the limelight as the musical numbers will be chosen to best feature students individually and as a group. Song selections will come from our own original works and musical theatre songs.


I have three children in the homeschool group.  It has been such a great experience for all of them.  My favorite day was when my 7-year-old son came home and told me his favorite class was Theatre & Storytelling !  My children have come to love and learn different styles of dance and they did a wonderful play! It has been the best experience and we can't wait for next year!

-Megan T.

The homeschool aspect at BPA has been an amazing addition to our homeschool this year!  Shelby, Landry, Kayeli & Kyle have invested so much time, energy and passion into each of my 3 children.  I have 2 SUPER shy timid, nervous boys who, during the performances this year got up, sang solos, had speaking parts and acted as if they have been doing it forever.  We cannot wait for another year with Backstage Performing Arts.

-Alexis S.


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Check out Past years program




$53/month + $40 Registration Fee

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am -OR- Thursday 9:30-10:30am

Ages 8-12

West Bountiful Location (724 W 500 S #900, West Bountiful, UT, 84087)

In this course, students will be introduced to machine sewing.  Students will be able to pick their project based on the skillset we’re working on. Possible projects include pajama pants, pillowcases, and skirts.  


There will be no materials fee for this class, students will be required to purchase their own choice of fun fabric for each project.  


Students will need a sewing kit that includes all the needed tools for their level.  Students will be expected to bring in their own kits, based on our list.  



$87/month + $63 Costume Rental Fee (per semester) + $40 Registration Fee


All silk classes are offered at our Centerville Location only

Students will get to fly high and build their strength and flexibility through this circus-acrobatic class.  Choose a class that fits your student's level. 


Level I- is a beginner who has taken no classes-or a summer camp/one semester

Level II- Climbs right and left, has double and single foot-locks in the air, taken at least 1 year

Level III- Has taken for 2+ years and can climb to the top of the silk and is comfortable with inversions

Class time includes basic dance warm-ups, conditioning, flexibility on and off the silks, instruction of skills, poses, sequences, and recital preparation.  Everyone performs in an end-of-semester recital.

  • LEVEL 1 - TUESDAY 9:30AM-10:30AM (Centerville)

  • LEVEL 1 - WEDNESDAY 9:30AM-10:30AM (Centerville)

In addition to regular class time, students are invited to attend additional included classes: open silks and/or strength & flexiblity.  These extra classes are offered to the whole studio taking aerial silks.  

  • OPEN SILK - SATURDAYS 10:30AM-11:15AM (Centerville)

  • STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY - SATURDAYS 11:15AM-12:00PM (Centerville)


Students are required to wear a leotard and long leggings or tights.  No socks or shoes.  Hair pulled back, no jewelry, watches, zippers, or anything that potentially could snag the fabrics.  No jeans.  Colors are black, grey & blue.  For the safety of students and equipment, students not wearing the dress code will not be allowed to participate in class and will be asked to sit out that day.

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