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Ages 12-18


CLINIC- April 24th, 10:00-10:45am

AUDITIONS FOR ROLES -  May 15th, 10:45am-12:30pm

DANCE CALL- May 15th 1:30-2:15pm

CALLBACKS-   May 15th 2:15-4:15pm

REHEARSALS-  June, July & Aug  -  Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday  2:00-5:00pm

PERFORMANCES-  July 30th - August 7th


Horton the Elephant, the Cat in the Hat, and all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters spring to life onstage in Seussical JR., a fantastical musical extravaganza from Tony-winners, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.  Transporting audiences from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus, the Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton the Elephant, who discovers a speck of dust containing tiny people called the Whos. Horton must protect the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, and he must also guard an abandoned egg that's been left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird.  Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him.  Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family, and community are challenged and emerge triumphantly!


Come meet the directors! Learn the callback dance, see our rehearsal space, meet new friends and ask questions about auditions.  Actors auditioning are not required to attend but are encouraged.  The clinic will be held on April 24th from 10:00-10:45 am.  Kids auditioning for JoJo only do not need to attend the clinic or dance call.  The clinic is optional.


Auditions are open to all performers between the ages of 12-18. Exception: JoJo ages 10+ see below

Bring ALL conflicts (any date you cannot attend rehearsal) from May 15th - August 7th, any conflicts not included at the time of audition will not be honored.  Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.  

Bring a headshot and resume to auditions

Come prepared to sing 1 minute in the style of the show or stylistically appropriate to a character from the show.  An accompanist will NOT be provided, please bring a karaoke track, no track with vocals.

Auditions will take place at the studio located at 803 North 1250 West #4, Centerville, Utah, 84014

If you cannot attend auditions, contact us before auditions and we will schedule another time for you.


Auditions for JoJo are open to ages 10+, this role is audition only.  Not everyone who auditions for JoJo will be cast.  Those 12 and under auditioning for JoJo, register for "JoJo Audition Sign-up" you will be emailed a specific audition time.  Callbacks will be held by invitation.  JoJo does not need to attend the dance call.  


Everyone auditioning is invited to Dance Call.  It will be held 1:30-2:15pm- please wear dance clothes and dance shoes (jazz shoes preferred)



Additional Callbacks will be held after auditions by invitation only beginning at 2:15pm


Tuition: $93/month for 3 months

Costume Rental Fee: $53

Media Package: $65 (optional) includes a headshot, video recording, and cast t-shirt

No Registration Fee 

Performers will be required to provide underclothing and shoes for performances.  Consisting of a tan leotard & black shorts for girls and a black tank top & black or tan pants for boys.  Tan Jazz shoes preferred.


1. Click any "register" button on the website

2. Register for "Seussical Jr."

3. Email us to get an audition time

4. Come to auditions

Everyone who registers will be cast in the production.

No refunds will be given after the cast list has been posted.

If you have any questions, please email us

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The essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. The Cat stirs things up and causes trouble but always sets things right again. He helps JoJo discover the power of his own imagination as they create the story of Seussical JR. together. Looking for a physically adept actor (male or female) to play the Cat who is confident onstage and comfortable with comedy.


A "Thinker." A smart child with a wild imagination. JoJo can be played as being a little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose "Thinks" get him into constant trouble. By the end of the show, he learns what it means to be a responsible member of his community, using the power and possibilities of his own "Thinks." Both boys and girls will be considered for this role.


Very self-conscious about her one-feather tail. Gertrude gains confidence throughout the show, changing from an anxious, nervous, shy bird into someone whose self-worth doesn't rest on her appearance. In other words, Gertrude realizes what's truly important in her life.


A gentle giant. Think of Horton as a big-hearted, blue-collar guy who is steadfast, responsible, and always tries to do the right thing. He is sympathetic and receptive to the world around him. He believes in the inherent goodness of the world, so it's no surprise that he always looks for the good in others. Horton goes on quite a journey throughout the show but stays true to himself, even when the going gets tough. 


Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor are parents trying hard to raise a child with a big imagination. These Whos may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly. They try their best to make the right choices as parents, even if JoJo doesn't always understand them. They are also upstanding members of their community.


Self-centered, vain, and manipulative. She ultimately means no harm, but she's immature and makes selfish decisions. In giving up her egg to Horton once and for all, she has a moment of self- awareness - she realizes she isn't the kind of bird who would be a good parent, and she does the best thing she can for the egg.


The Wickershams are not bad guys! They tease, play pranks, and get a kick out of making mischief, although often at another's expense. And they sure do love to monkey around!


The Bird Girls, are a fabulous group of birds who know everything there is to know about the goings on in the jungle and support Mayzie throughout the show.  Looking for strong singer who can hold tight harmonies.


Loud, brassy, and a lot of fun. She's got a lot of attitude but isn't mean - she's just very confident and unafraid to tell it like it is.


Sour Kangaroo's feisty daughter. She may be pint- sized, but she's got a big personality and is following in her mother's footsteps. 


The authoritative judge who presides over Horton's trial at the end of the show.  


The black-bottomed eagle who flies off with the Whos.


The Whos are the citizens of Whoville and they look a lot like you and me, only so small they are invisible to the naked eye. They are a tight-knit, supportive community. 


The Jungle Citizens do not believe there is a tiny world on the dust speck, they think Horton is crazy and doesn't belong with them. 


This group of hunters is in it for the money and are looking to capture an Elephant to sell to the circus.



Animals in the circus who love performing!


The Sea Creatures that live in JoJo's world where anything is possible.


Oh, The Things You Can Think

Horton Hears a Who

Biggest Blame Fool

Gertrude McFuzz

Here On Who

How to Raise a Child

Oh, The Things You Can Think! (Reprise)

It's Possible

Alone in the Universe

The One Feathered Tail of Ms. Gertrude McFuzz

Amazing Mayzie

Amazing Gertrude

Monkey Around/ Chasing the Whos

Notice Me Horton

How Lucky You Are

Horton Sits on the Egg

Egg, Nest & Tree

Mayzie in Palm Beach

Amazing Horton

Alone in the Universe (Reprise)

Solla Solew

All For You

The Whos Return/ The People Versus Horton the Elephant


Alone in the Universe (Reprise)

Oh, The Things You Can Think (Finale)

Green Eggs and Ham