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PREK-4th grade


Join us for a semester of new discoveries in our classes.  These lessons are specifically catered to young ages with a focus on singing, dancing and acting.  Our teachers are excited to watch your child learn and grow! 

Classes Begin August 29th, 2022

Full Year Registration August 2022-May 2023

Registration Fee $40


musical Theatre (1st-4th grade)

$133/month + $40 Yearly Registration Fee

Monday & Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm

West Bountiful Location

Cost Program Breakdown:

$55/month for Shows

$64/month for 4 Training Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling & Music)

$14/month for Costume Rental Fee (Spread out over the year)

Musical Theatre 1st-4th is designed for the young performer in your life, all classes have a creative interactive approach with lots of opportunities to explore and learn the art of musical theatre.  Students will participate in ballet, jazz, tumbling, MUSIC and production rehearsal


Tickets will be sold for performances.  Costume fee is included in tuition cost.  Dress Rehearsals and Performances will be held at our Centerville Location.



$36/month + $63 Costume Rental Fee + $40 Yearly Registration Fee


West Bountiful Location

"Stage Time!" is a musical theatre class for young performers. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of singing, dancing, and acting. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills in each of these areas, and learn how to combine them to create dynamic and engaging performances. The class will be taught by experienced instructors, who will provide guidance and support to help students grow and improve. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced performer, "Stage Time!" offers something for everyone, and is a great way to develop your passion for musical theatre.

Dress code for all classes is found below.  Students will get to participate in an end-of-semester recital in May.  Tickets will be sold for performances.  

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$59/month + $63 Costume Rental Fee (per semester) + $40 Yearly Registration Fee

THURSDAY 4:15-5:30pM

West Bountiful Location

Our "Intro to Musical Theatre" class is for students interested in musical theatre.  Students will be introduced to popular musical songs.  They will get to learn the basics of moving and being on stage as a performer.  During class time, students will learn how to sing a solo and sing in a group.  Students will learn from a music teacher and a musical theatre instructor.  The dress code is found below, jazz shoes are needed for this class.


Students will participate in a recital in December and May.  Tickets will be sold for performances.  

Anton Martynov Dance.jpeg


$73/month + $63 Costume Rental Fee + $40 Yearly Registration Fee

AGES 8-18

West Bountiful Location

​Our private dance lessons are designed for performers looking to improve their confidence on stage, individual technique, and skill set.  Instructors will coach their students based on the level in which they are at and push them to the next step.  Beginners welcome! 


Students will perform at the end of the semester for parents.  Lessons are held once a week for 30 minutes all school year. 


Click "Register Here" to register and choose a day, time & location



$53/month + $40 Yearly Registration Fee

Monday 4:00-5:00pm

Ages 8-12

West Bountiful Location

In this course, students will be introduced to machine sewing.  Students will be able to pick their project based on the skillset we’re working on. Possible projects include pajama pants, pillowcases, and skirts.  


There will be no materials fee for this class, students will be required to purchase their own choice of fun fabric for each project.  


Students will need a sewing kit that includes all the needed tools for their level.  Students will be expected to bring in their own kits, based on our list.  

Piano Lesson


$49/month + $40 Yearly Registration Fee + Purchase Required Books

AGES 7-18

West Bountiful Location

Be introduced to the piano in this private instruction course.  These lessons are perfect for someone who has never touched a piano before, or for the experienced student wanting to push through to the next level.  Students will learn keys, music theory, improvisation, and technique. 


Lessons will be held for 30 minutes.  Make-ups are offered for lessons missed through the semester but must be completed before each semester is over.  In addition to the tuition fee, students will be required to purchase a piano curriculum, for their level.  There will be a recital performance at the end of each semester.  Tickets will be sold for performances.   Click "register here" and enroll for "Piano Lessons" we will reach out to schedule a time/day with you.



Students are expected to wear dance clothes to movement classes and rehearsals. 

Girls should wear a leotard (black), black or grey shirt no logos, ballet skirt (black or pink) or dance shorts(black), or black leggings.

Boys should wear a black shirt and black shorts or pants.

Hair should be pulled back away from the face, no jewelry.


For students to experience their greatest potential in these classes,

proper shoes are essential they will need to bring:

Jazz Shoes (Tan or Black) 

Ballet Slippers

Tap Shoes


We love Backstage Performing Arts!! My 6 year old has taken dance there since she was 3. I love how they teach proper technique and take the time to make sure they do it right, even for the little ones. I highly recommend Backstage Performing Arts!!

-Aleesha M.

My daughter has loved the young musical theatre class. She is little and hasn't been in a dance class before, but the teachers were able to help keep both fun and structure in the class and I really appreciated that. When we went to the final recital, I was blown away.

-Rosalie L.

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